Experience unique community and make connections in a casual way.  Click to sign up online for “Dinner for 6” and we’ll group you up with other singles and/or couples to make a group of six!

Q & A

Q: What does Dinner for 6 mean?

A: A group of 6 people will commit to gather three times over three months, sharing meals and getting to know one another.  The host will rotate.  You can sign up as singles or couples.  This is mainly designed for adults.

Q: What is the purpose?

A: To get to know people that you otherwise wouldn’t get to know!

Q: How do meals get planned ?

A: Initially, we’ll group people and give contact information to a person or couple who has offered to be the host for the first meal (as indicated on the sign-up card).  From there, all dinner meetings and details will be up to the group to decide. Lutheran Church of the Cross will help you get connected – the rest is up to you!

Q.  When does this take place?

A.  The goal is three meals in three months.  It’s up to the group of 6 to decide how you would like to accomplish that.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Lutheran Church of the Cross?

A:  Nope!  As is the case with most things around here, we welcome anyone to participate.

Q: Do I have to host at my home?

A: The host will rotate, but a group can decide to do something like a picnic or dinner out as well.  We encourage you, however, to be open to practicing hospitality in your own home as much as possible!  Again, these details are up to the group to plan and decide!

Thanks for looking at Dinner for 6!  Remember to sign up by March 25, 2018, either online here or at the display in the atrium.

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