First Communion FAQ

Questions? Everyone has them and they should. We hope this page helps you find some answers regarding our First Communion Class. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lutheran Church of the Cross provides this First Communion learning opportunity, where participation by child and parent or caregiver is strongly encouraged, prior to a child’s taking of their first communion.


What should I know about First Communion?

First experiences leave impressions that will last a lifetime for our children.  We want them to sense God’s love and nurturing presence as the essence of the sacrament.

Here at Lutheran Church of the Cross we practice open communion.  We enthusiastically welcome children to the table through participation in educational opportunities and, when they are ready, participation in the communion itself.

Your child is welcome to receive the communion when you believe the time is right.

The decision to allow your child to participate in  communion is serious. You are best suited to determine if your child has made a genuine decision to follow Jesus Christ in their life.

To assist you in making this decision, we have prepared these FAQ as a resource for your family.  We hope these ideas will help you in this spiritual decision.


When is my child ready for communion?

Even very young children can sense that the Lord’s Supper is a special meal to be received with respect, and they can share a deep sense of belonging to the forgiving, accepting, loving community of the church.


What are some indicators that my child is ready spiritually?

Does your child have an age-appropriate understanding of the meaning of communion?
They should have an emerging understanding that Jesus died on the cross for them because He loves them and that we receive Jesus’ body and blood through the bread and wine.

Does your child have the desire to take communion?

Does your child express their love for Jesus through prayer? Does your child understand God’s presence in his/her life? That God protects him/her from evil and guides them everyday?

Does your child enjoy reading or listening to stories from the Bible? Does your child show excitement when you talk about Jesus’ message of salvation?


What are some indicators that my child is ready socially?

In communion, manners matter. They should be able to reverently take the elements alongside you without exhibiting behavior that disrupts the spirit of the event or disturbs fellow  worshipers.               (1 Corinthians 11)

Is your child capable of paying attention during worship services?

Do they participate in other aspects of worship, such as song and prayer?


What will we learn in the class?
  • What Holy Communion is.
  • What the Biblical connection is to this sacrament.
  • What benefit we gain from participating in communion.
  • How to participate in communion at Lutheran Church of the Cross. 


When will my child participate in their First Communion?

At the Maundy Thursday service.  Maundy Thursday is a service that remembers the Last Supper that Jesus had with his disciples.  It celebrates what we now call communion.

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