The season of Lent (40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter) has become a lot like New Year’s Resolutions.  I hear of people giving up chocolate, or pop, or even Facebook.  Making promises not to eat certain foods, or participate in certain activities.  But do you know what the purpose of Lent really is?  It is a time of preparation.  A time of reflection.  A time during which we prepare to observe the death and resurrection of Jesus. Does giving up chocolate for 40 days draw me closer to Jesus?

You may know this, but there is mention of Lent in the Bible.  No mention of giving up Taco Bell for 40 days.  No mention of depriving yourself of Diet Coke until Easter morning.  But that doesn’t mean Lent can’t serve a spiritual purpose.

Think on these:

  • Consider what you could set aside (mindless Facebook scrolling or SnapChat) in order to have more time to read your Bible or pray.
  • Identify an “attention drain” (maybe television or video games) that could be avoided in order to invest in Jesus-centered relationships with real people – they might even live in your house!
  • Forgo a “nice-to-have expense” (like a Venti double-shot caramel whipped mocha with sprinkles every day) and donate that money to your local church or Jesus-Centered ministry.

In these situations, the things you are “giving up” are allowing you some margin to ADD something, to invest more time growing in your faith, becoming Jesus-centered, in community, and on mission.

Join us for Lent Services beginning February 21.

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