Noah Ruppert

LCC is a church that trains and builds up leaders for God’s Kingdom.  Sometimes this means sending them out to other churches and ministries.  Sometimes this means giving new opportunities within our church to honor the growth that has taken place and position them for continued development.

This latter situation applies currently to our Worship Coordinator, Noah Ruppert.  Noah was hired two and half years ago and has done a fabulous job enhancing and growing our worship experience.  During this time, he has continued his seminary studies, gained the respect of many, and has taken on greater responsibility within this congregation.  This includes being part of the preaching rotation, officiating weddings on behalf of LCC, and operating in a “pastoral” role to many in this congregation.

In order to honor the growth we’ve seen in Noah, make official what he is already doing, and position Noah for further development, LCC’s Governing Board invited the congregation to vote on extending a letter of Contract Call to Noah Ruppert to be our Worship Pastor.  On Sunday, October 30, during their Annual Meeting, LCC voted unanimously to extend this call!

Noah will be installed at all worship gatherings November 26-27.  Please join us and celebrate all that God is doing!


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