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November 12, 2017LCC Worship 11-12-17, Foundations, Relational Foundation
November 5, 2017LCC 11-5-17 Worship, Foundations, Missional Foundation
October 29, 2017LCC 10-29-17, Foundations, Spiritual Foundation
October 22, 2017LCC 10-22-17 Worship, RE:formation, Unity
October 15, 2017LCC 10-15-17 Worship, RE:formation, Worship
October 8, 2017LCC 10-8-17 Worship, RE:formation, Simplicity
September 24, 2017LCC 9-24-17 Worship, RE:formation, Prayer
September 17, 2017LCC 9-17-17 Worship, RE:formation, Scripture
September 10, 2017LCC 9-10-17 Worship, RE:formation, Intro
September 3, 2017LCC 9-3-27 Worship, Who's In? The Lost
August 27, 2017LCC 8-27-17 Worship, Who's in? The Childlike
August 20, 2017LCC 8-20-17 Worship, Who's In, The Humble
August 13, 2017LCC Worship 8-13-17, Who's In? The Univited
August 6, 2017LCC 8-6-17 Worship, Who's In? Fear
July 30, 2017LCC 7-30-17 Worship, Detox, Jim Blessman
July 23, 2017LCC 7-23-17 Worship, Soul Detox 2
July 17, 2017LCC 7-16-17 Worship, Soul Detox 1
July 9, 2017LCC 7-9-17 Worship, Detox, Soul Detox
July 2, 2017LCC 7-2-17 Worship, Summer Blockbuster, Captain America
June 25, 2-17LCC 6-25-17 Worship, Summer Blockbusters, "Hidden Figures"
June 18, 2017LCC 6-18-17 Worship, Summer Blockbusters, Moana
June 11, 2-17LCC 6-11-17 Worship, Summer Blockbusters, The Sound of Music
June 4, 2017LCC 6-4-17 Worship, Summer Blockbuster, The Secret Life of Pets
May 29, 2017LCC 5-29-17 Worship, Remember
May 21, 2017LCC 5-2-17 Worship, Heaven and Life Now
May 14, 2017LCC 5-14-17 Worship, Heaven and the Second Coming
May 7, 2017LCC 5-7-17 Worship, Heaven and New Bodies
April 30-2017LCC 4-30-17 Worship, Heaven and Hell
April 23-17LCC 4-23-17 Worship, Heaven & A New Earth
April 17, 2017LCC 4-16-17 Worship, Resurrection Sunday, Heaven
April 9, 2017LCC 4-9-17 Worship, Life Together, Love, Palm Sunday
April 2, 2017LCC 4-2-17 Worship, Life Together, Prayer
March 26,2017LCC 3-26-17 Worship, Life Together, Devotion
March 19, 2017Life Together, Forgiveness
March 12,2017Life together, Encouragement
March 5,2017Life Together, Harmony
February 26, 2017Once Upon A Marriage, Jacob & Leah & (Rachel)
February 19,2017Once Upon A Marriage, Hosea & Gomer
February 12, 2017Once Upon a Marriage, Abraham and Sarah
January 29, 2017A Place For Everyone, Small Church
January 22, 2017A Place for Everyone, Big Church
January 1, 2017Fruits of the Spirit

For our complete sermon archive, visit the Audio Sermon Archive page.

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