Worship Gatherings

LCC’s weekly worship gatherings are relaxed, contemporary, Bible-based, innovative, prayerful, and relevant.


Saturdays @ 5:30pm // Sundays @ 8:30am & 11:00am  (MAP)


Expect a 60 minute service with engaging praise and worship followed by relevant, Christ-centered teaching and prayer.

If you miss the service, visit the Sermons page to hear or see the weekly message.

Nursery is available at all weekend services.



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Sermon Series


All of us allow toxic experiences and habits in our life that can contaminate our spirit, our soul, our body and our minds. Knowing this, how do we walk faithfully in obedience to God? Join us as we learn how to cleanse our lives in becoming the disciples that Jesus has called us to be.



Summer is a great time for a good movie!  And summer is an even better time to hear God speak to us through movies!  Based on your votes, we will have a cinematic experience each weekend with the big screen and popcorn, while encountering the gospel in a fresh way.  Don’t miss this blockbuster series!

June 3-4 – Secret Life of Pets

June 10-11 – Sound of Music

June 17-18 – Moana

June 24-25 – Hidden Figures

July 1-2 – Captain America 


what the whole world’s waiting for


What is Easter really all about?  What does a resurrection 2000 years ago have to do with life today?  What happens when I die?  What is heaven like?  Is there baseball and dogs in heaven?  Is there really a “hell”?  What will the “end times” be like?  Curious?  Grab a Bible and let’s dig in!

Life Together

Life was meant to be lived together.  Together with family, friends, and even people who are different than us.  But actually doing life with others can be difficult.  How do we do it well?  This series points us to the wisdom of the New Testament about what it truly takes to be in healthy, life-giving relationships with others.  Join us for Life Together.


Sermon Discussion Guide

Once Upon a Marriage

There’s nothing quite like a juicy love story…the romance, the intrigue, and maybe a little scandal.  We’re digging in to some of the greatest—and some of the craziest—biblical marriages to see what we can learn.  Travel back in time with us for Once Upon a Marriage.

A Place for Everyone

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, there’s a place for you in the local church.  And that place can only be filled by you, because you’re the only you—the only one with your gifts, passions, and relationships.  God has designed you and gifted you for a purpose.  Discover your unique wiring as we uncover A Place for Everyone.


Home for Christmas

Christmas is an opportunity to come home.  Home to where you grew up.  Home to be with family and friends.  But most importantly Christmas is an opportunity to come home into a relationship with Jesus.  In this series, you’ll meet a variety of people who experienced this journey home.  May their stories help you experience the heart of Christmas: Jesus left His heavenly home 2000 years ago so that you could come back to where you are meant to be…in a relationship with Him.


Big Questions

We all have questions.  Asking them is how we grow.  This sermon series is based on questions that LCC submitted this fall.  From suffering to sushi, dinosaurs to politics, and cancer to end times, you are invited to stay curious and get your questions answered in God’s Word!


BIG CHURCH. small church.

God is a God of relationship.  He desires a relationship with you and for you to be connected in life-giving relationship with others.  This fall we press into God’s heart and discover a biblical model of church that is all about relationship.  Grab your Bibles and experience Big Church AND small church.


REAL 2016

As an Olympic athlete in Rio, one needs to have clarity on the goal, teammates, opponents, and prize of the sport in which they are competing. 

Too often we play the game of life without focus on the goal, uncertain about who’s for us and who is against us, and confusion about what we are playing for.  This August, get clarity on the REAL game of 2016—your life! 

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