create Jesus-centered community in our neighborhoods


We believe God is calling us to be a church on mission – to be MOBILIZED to create Jesus-centered community in our neighborhoods.  Check out these great opportunities to join God in what He is doing in your neighborhood!

Start now

Building community in your neighborhood doesn’t need to be complicated:

  • Introduce yourself to a neighbor you haven’t met
  • Do a prayer walk around your neighborhood
  • Hang out in your front yard so you can connect with neighbors

Art of Neighboring

Learn more about being a Jesus-centered neighbor.  Read The Art of Neighboring and discuss it with some friends.

Meet Your Neighbor Week

Meet Your Neighbor Week is an opportunity to create Jesus-centered community in eastern Polk County neighborhoods. We are the church wherever we are—including our neighborhoods. There are people all around you, who God has called you to love, serve, befriend, and point to Jesus. What if this was as simple as having a party or walking across the street? Each summer, join the movement and Meet Your Neighbors!

Make the most of holidays!

Make the most of beggars night! (TIPS)

Make the most of the holidays! (TIPS)

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