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Are you ready to be done with 2020?  Have you just about had enough of craziness and confusion?  I think most of us are certainly ready for something way different than what we’ve experienced so far in 2020.   

This fall I want to invite you to Reclaim 2020.  I want you to pick up the broken pieces of this year and put them into the hands of Jesus and just see what He can do with them.  Because here’s the thing: 2021 holds no promises for us.  Our only hope is in Reclaiming 2020.   

This fall don’t allow yourself to sink into anger and apathy, but instead get synced up with your Heavenly Father who wants to take the wreckage of 2020 and do something new in you. 

Sunday Morning Mixed

Meets Sunday Morning between services. September through May.

Led by: Bill and Mari Stirler For Ages: 50-70 Meets: Every Sunday from 9:30am-10:45am
Childcare Available? No Topic: Book of Bible Group Type: Mixed
Location: Cross Creek Meeting Room - Cross Creek Status: Open

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