Whether you are new to Lutheran Church of the Cross, or you have been around for a while, the Next Steps class is a great place to explore membership and other opportunities, and find connections, all in one place.  This session is for anyone – new attenders, regular attenders and members.  This class discusses the mission and vision of our congregation, and shares ministry information of all types.  If you wish to become a member of Lutheran Church of the Cross, this class is your membership class.

What is your next step? 

As you discern your where God is leading you, here are resources to help you take that next step. If you would like to talk to a Next Steps Coach, click here.  We have trained coaches who would love to talk and pray with you about your next step.

Click on the statement below to see resources to help  you take a next step in your faith.

I want to start or learn about a relationship with God through Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit.
I want to make it a priority to connect with God each week through a worship gathering.
  • Put in your schedule one of our three worship gatherings as a repeating commitment.  Choose either our in-person or online services.
  • Read and study: Psalm 95 and 100.
  • Listen to a Christian radio station (107.1 or 90.5 are a couple in the area) or find a good Christian music or worship playlist.
  • Find our sermon podcasts on Apple Podcasts, I Heart Radio and Spotify
I want to better connect with God each day through the Bible and prayer.
  • Sign up for Daily Prayer & Scripture
  • Do a “plan” on the Bible App ( or in your app store)
  • Find the “Jesus Calling” devotional or podcast
  • Read: The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg (beginner)
  • Read: The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster (advanced)
I want to take adequate time for rest and refreshment.
  • Read Exodus 20:8-11.  Pick one day per week to rest and connect to what’s important.
  • Learn about Sabbath via this video.
  • Take a “silent retreat,” an extended time away with God.  A couple hours or a couple days.
  • Read: “Rhythms of Renewal:  Trading Stress and Anxiety for a life of Peace and Purpose” by Rebekah Lyons
I want to live in a state of peace.
  • Take a media fast (phone, news, TV, etc).  Control your inputs.
  • Read and memorize Bible verses, such as John 16:33, Philippians 4:6, Colossians 3:15, 1 Peter 5: 6-7
  • Use the “Abide” app for Bible meditations.
  • “#struggles” by Craig Groeshel
I want to better care for the body God has given me.
  • Establish a consistent bed time and waking time.
  • Schedule reminders throughout your day to get up and move (several fitness apps and devices will do this).
  • Set a goal or schedule time each day for 15-30 minutes of physical activity, even if it means waking up 15 minutes earlier.
  • Eliminate one unhealthy food or drink habit.
  • Find an accountability partner.
I want friends who are intentionally encouraging me and challenging me in my faith.
  • Connect with a group or class.
  • Come early or stay late after worship and talk to people.
  • Invite friends to do a “plan” on the Bible App with you.  (When you start a reading plan in the Bible App, it allows you to choose to do it “by yourself” or “with friends.”)
I want to be in a healthy place in my marriage, parenting, or other key relationships.
I want to find a good fit for using my gifts to serve others.
I want to be in a healthy place financially and to give to my church what God wants me to.
  • Track your spending for one week.  “You have to be knowin’ where your money is goin’.”
  • Do the “If Money Talked” study.  Available HERE with videos, tools and guide.
  • Set a percentage goal for giving back to the work of God through the church.
I want to grow in friendship with someone who doesn’t know Jesus.
I want to be more confident in inviting someone to worship, a group, or a serving opportunity.
  • Meditate on and memorize Romans 1:16 and Acts 4:31.
  • Pray for courage and the right opportunity.  When inviting, authentically share your excitement and how it could benefit them.  Even if they say no, you’ve planted a seed. 

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