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Did you know that during each of our weekend worship services, you are being prayed for? Members of this team spend time in prayer either at home, in the prayer chapel, or wherever they choose. You do not need to pray outloud or even with other people. Guidance and training is provided for this area of service.
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Terri Graeve

Dear Prayer Warriors;

I am not good at asking for prayer for myself. I had "other" plans for my life after retirement that didn't include being isolated further. I am asking for prayer as I embark on the only treatment for my immune disease "Common Variable Immunodeficiency". I was diagnosed in 2017 after suffering years of illness and hospitalizations from flue, cold virus, and pneumonia. It is a rare genetic disorder where I do not produce enough good antibodies to fight common germs, viruses, etc. I will begin IVIG infusions this week on Tuesday morning. I will have this every 4 weeks. It is giving me other peoples "good antibodies" that have been donated through plasma donations and then sent to a pharmaceutical company for final processing. The goal is to increase my IViG counts to a level that I can be more social, return to being around others without masking, possibly volunteering and doing all of the things I had hoped for, and not sick all of the time. I will know after 3 months if the treatments are working. Thank you in advance. God is so GOOD. If it is his will...through Christ Jesus, our savior.

Received: May 8, 2022

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