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Did you know that during each of our weekend worship services, you are being prayed for? Members of this team spend time in prayer either at home, in the prayer chapel, or wherever they choose. You do not need to pray outloud or even with other people. Guidance and training is provided for this area of service.
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Hi, it's insomnia season and it affects my mental illness. Just need to sleep well at night and sleep 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep and be able to function and communicate well with that amount of sleep. Sleeping 7.5-8.5 hours means I am in a normal mood and normal mode of mind state. If I sleep more than that, I am depressed (means I am depressed or headed to depressive mental episode). If I sleep less than that, say less than 7 hours, means I am hypomanic or manic leaning towards those two psychological states of mind. Please pray I do not have a mental episode this year or ever. I have a wedding that I do not want to miss because I have a mental episode. Please pray I do not have tactile hallucinations and do not picture the snake image. Also, pray I do not hear demonic negative voices either. Also, pray my hair does not thin out more but thickens on my head. Please pray my dry eye condition does not worsen but that it goes away. Please pray I do not have cancer and have no pre-diabetes condition. Please pray I do not have abnormal moles or skin issues too. Pray my kidneys and kidney arteries are in good shape. Please pray my husband, Nathan, lives long into his 80s in age and does not have abnormal hormone levels and no cancer for him too. Pray my son does not have mental illness and becomes a better writer in doing his schoolwork and completing his schoolwork on time. Please pray my nodule on my thyroid shrinks and goes away. Pray Nathan's health improves and my son does not have health problems. Pray my son's vision does not worsen. Pray my son makes friends that are good in influence and keeps them. Pray my memory improves and I recall details, dates, people, and definitions better. Pray I am smart enough to homeschool my son when he gets to high school. Please pray I communicate effectively and well both in written form and in conversing with others. Please pray I socialize better than I have been too. Thanks for praying for my family and I.

Received: May 10, 2022

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