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Please pray the skin biopsy on my leg is not cancerous and or does not have abnormal skin tissue. Also, pray the spot on my back is not abnormal skin tissue either and doesn't regrow another mole or pigmentation there too. Please pray my nodule on my thyroid is not cancerous and has shrunk in size. Please pray my husband's health improves and he gets well. Pray my husband, son and I are motivated to get up in the mornings and get our work done. Pray my husband and I enjoy working and our jobs. Please pray my son writes better and gets his writing assignments done on time and does better at his science experiments too. Pray my son does not have mental illness and is in good health. Pray my husband lives until he's in his 80s in age at least. Please pray my mood is consistently good and I have no negative voices or thoughts in my head. Pray I do not have chest pains and PMS cramping that is painful. Pray my eyes do not focus upward involuntarily at all. Pray I remain mentally stable and do not have a manic and or depressive episodes. Pray I do not have clogged kidney arteries. Pray that 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep daily is enough and I can function well on that amount. Pray I converse better, communicate better, read and write in a impeccable manner. Pray my husband's heartbeats normally and he is happy and healthy. Pray my dry eye condition does not worsen but is healed. That my eyes do not bother me. Pray my son makes Christian friends and has a personal connection with Jesus. Pray for my relationship with my husband to be better.

Received: September 13, 2022

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